Porcelain Veneers in Las Vegas

Transform your smile with veneers and cosmetic dentistry
Veneers are recommended for :
-Closing gaps between teeth
- Slight unevenness or misshapen teeth
-Crocked or tilted teeth
-Discolored teeth

If your cosmetic dentist offers you the option of a dental veneer, what he or she is referring to is a permanent piece of thin porcelain that is affixed to the visual portion of the tooth. This covering offers the patient an immediate natural and beautiful looking smile, and does not require much of the extensive work necessary for crowns. Veneers will help build your confidence by providing a fantastic smile, and will also potentially reduce sensitivity and provide a layer of protection over the surface of the tooth. If you’re interested in getting veneers in Las Vegas, Make an appointment now!
Porcelain VeneersThe procedure will begin with the dentist removing a very thin surface on the tooth that is to be treated with the veneer. A temporary veneer will be fitted to the tooth until the permanent veneer is ready. The permanent veneer is custom shaped and fitted to fit perfectly.
Recent advancements in bonding now allow Dentist For Life to attach some veneers directly to the surface of existing teeth, allowing the veneer itself to act like the natural enamel, and allowing more light to pass through to the inside of the tooth, which gives it the natural look so sought after in high-end procedures.
The added protection of veneers is a benefit to the procedure even beyond the cosmetic benefits. Because porcelain is very tough and not very easy to damage, bacteria finds it very difficult to live in the tooth. Studies show that there is a significant reduction in plaque buildup in veneers when compared to natural teeth. As a result of veneers, you are likely to have better oral hygiene and potentially less problems in the future!
The obvious cosmetic benefits of veneers are many. When a patient’s jaw and teeth are positioned in a way that make braces ineffective, veneers may be an option. Additionally, many aesthetically corrective procedures are quite lengthy, and as a result not acceptable to the patient. Veneers allow you to have a perfect smile in a very short time frame.
Contact our office to inquire if veneers are an option for you, and you could be on your way to the smile you have always dreamed of.