Pediatric Dentist for Las Vegas

The experiences that a child has at the dentist can affect the way they feel about dental visits throughout their lifetime.
When a child is fully prepared for what will happen during their visit, whether it is a routine check-up and cleaning or more extensive work, the stage is set for proactive dental care into adulthood and beyond.
Some dentists specialize in pediatric dentistry, but a child can feel comfortable going to the same dentist as their parents. That way they are able to coordinate visits and develop an ongoing relationship with their dentist from an early age. Dr. Malaki is used to working with children and can love to accommodate them.
at Dentist for Life, we promise to make each experience better than the first – for both parent and child. Our team of dedicated dental professionals are trained “kids dentists,” and go through many steps to ensure two things:
That each child gets the care they need, and That you get the peace of mind you deserve.
After completion of the initial exam, each child’s parent has a chance to meet the doctor to discuss the status of their child’s oral health, as well as options for any advanced or “operative” work that may be needed. In most cases, our dentists will be able to complete services on the same day.
Our Lovely staff is trained to use basic behavioral management techniques in order to make all pediatric procedures a pleasant experience for both the child and the parent. Before any procedure is performed, our doctors explain and show the child what will occur.
At the end of the appointment, our coordinators meet with the parents to give a detailed description of the work completed, provide after care instructions, issue prescriptions if needed, and answer any questions that the parent may have. Each child is also allowed to select a toy from the treasure chest upon completion of their appointment.
Wherever you choose to take your child, it is important for the parent or guardian as well as the dental professionals to consider the visit from a child’s point of view. Here are some guidelines for parents to review when planning a children’s appointment that is pleasant, painless, and fun.