We Offer: Tooth Colored Filings, Gold Filing, Porcelain Filling

Why are fillings necessary?

Bacteria find their way into your mouth from many different sources. Over time, bacteria forms layers called plaque over parts of your teeth. Every day that you let this bacteria live in your mouth, they release acid. This acid wears your teeth down and causes decay.
In time, tooth decay will cause holes in your teeth. That’s what cavities are. Your teeth cannot repair themselves from cavities but Las Vegas dentists can help.

How are fillings done?

Repair Injury of the Jaw
Fillings are simple in concept.
After a teeth cleaning to remove plaque buildup,
A drill is used to follow the path made by bacteria. All bacteria will be drilled out.
The hole in the tooth is refilled by a hard, tooth-like barrier. The material used in fillings can be selected by yourself or your dentist.
The barrier keeps more bacteria from re-entering the hole, where brushing can’t affect it.
Before drilling, your Las Vegas dentist will numb your tooth to make the procedure painless. This will commonly be accomplished with the use of a numbing gel, then an anesthetic shot so the drill won’t hurt.
After having a tooth filled, your mouth will likely be numb for a few hours. The feeling is unusual, but not at all bad. If you’ve never experienced it before, you’ll enjoy exploring that part of your mouth with your tongue, not feeling a thing.