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Bleeding gums are a sign that you may or are in the danger of having periodontal disease or gum disease. However persistence gum bleed could be a sign of other problems as well such as:

Bleeding Gums May Lead to

– Gingivitis: A sever case of gingivitis (Flossing Benefits Learn More) can cause bleeding gums and swellings.

– Cirrhosis: A severe scarring and poor function of the liver caused by alcohol, virus or exposure to toxins. Some medications can also cause this disease.

– Pernicious anemia: It is an autoimmune disease that body does not make enough health red blood cells causing B-12 deficiency.

las vegas dentist for life – Low platelet count: Also known as thrombocytopenia. It would cause the blood not to clot properly.

– Leukemia: Cancer of blood cells. The signs of this disease includes bleeding and bruising, bone pain, weight loss, fatigue, and sweating at night.

– Tooth decay: Cavities are holes that are form in the tooth. It is caused when bacteria (Fight Bad Breath Learn More), acids (Cavity Prevention Learn More) and food turns into plaque (Teeth Whitening Tips) . In sever cases when much of the tooth structure is missing, the gum can grow into the cavity hole and cause severe inflammation of the gums that can result in gum bleeding.

– Factor V, X, VII deficiency: A rare blood clotting disease that causes spontaneous bleeding including gums.

– Pregnancy: No matter what you do, the gums might be more inflamed (Inflamed Wiki Page) and bleed easier when one is expecting. It is as a result of hormonal changes in body.

– Vitamin C deficiency: This occurs when one does not eat enough fruits and vegetables in diet leading to swollen and painful gums (Maintain Oral Hygiene) that bleed easy.