Bad Breath is a common problem many people face on a day to day basis. Many times you may not be aware of your own bad breath, but hopefully, you have a close friend or loved one who will tell you. Either way, if you become aware of bad breath here are some of the possible causes

1. The Foods you Eat – It is a well known fact that many foods such as onions and garlic cause bad breath. Please, don’t stop eating these foods, but you may consider using mouthwash or a breath mint afterwards. This type of bad breath is usually transitory and happens right after you eat.

2. Periodontal or Gum Disease – Bad breath is often caused by periodontal disease or infection of the gums and bone surrounding the teeth. You can check to see if you have a lot of buildup around your teeth. Typically, you will also have some recession or lowering of the gums onto the roots of the teeth. This type of bad breath is also easily fixed, but you need to see a dentist. You will probably need a deep cleaning or a scaling of your teeth followed by regular cleanings. After a few months, your gums will heal and your bad breath will be gone.

3. Infections of the mouth and gums – Sometimes infections of the teeth and gums can result in pockets of pus in the mouth that taste and smell bad. Pus can be collected in a small “sac” in a section of the mouth or it can be a fistula, meaning that it is draining from the inside of your mouth. I know, it sounds disgusting and it is, but it is surprisingly more common than what you would expect. Again, you must seek the help of a dentist when it comes to fixing infections in your mouth. You will probably need antibiotics along with some dental treatment to get rid of the source of infection.

4. Buildup On your tongue – Did you know that many bacteria live on the back of your tongue? These bacteria are often the cause of bad breath. To clean them don’t just simply use your tooth brush. Use a tongue scraper that you can buy at any grocery store and use it once per day going from the back of your tongue and pulling forward towards the tip of your tongue.

There are also many products out there to help you with bad breath. Some need a prescription and others are over the counter. Either way, it is good to get your regular dental checkups and make sure your bad breath is not a sign of infection.

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